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Marriages within the gotra 'sagotra' marriages are not permitted under the rule of exogamy in the traditional matrimonial system. The compound word 'sagotra' is a union of the words 'sa' and 'gotra', where 'sa' means same or similar. It is common practice in preparation for Hindu marriage to inquire about the kula-gotra meaning clan lineage of the bride and groom before approving the marriage.

Gotra Family Origin

People within the gotra are regarded as siblings and marrying such a person would be thought of as taboo. In almost all Hindu families, marriage within the same gotra is not encouraged or practised since they are believed to be descended from the same family. Marriages between different gotras are therefore encouraged. But marriage within the jaati is allowed and even preferred.

Gotra is always passed on from father to children among most Hindus.

People of the same gotra do not necessarily have the same origin

However, among the Malayali and Tulu people it is passed on from mother to child. In communities where gotra membership passed from father to children, marriages were allowed between a woman and her maternal uncle, [7] while such marriages were forbidden in matrilineal communities, like Thiyyars and Tuluvas , where gotra membership was passed down from the mother. A much more common characteristic of South Indian Hindu society is permission for marriage between cross-cousins children of brother and sister as they are of different gotras.

Thus, a man is allowed to marry his maternal uncle's daughter or his paternal aunt's daughter, but is not allowed to marry his paternal uncle's daughter. She would be considered a parallel cousin , of the same gotra, and therefore to be treated as a sister. North Indian Hindu society not only follows the rules of gotra for marriages, but also has many regulations which go beyond the basic definition of gotra and has a broader definition of incest.

Such workarounds are used in rare cases, and the acceptability is questionable. While the gotras are almost universally used for determining excluding marriages that would be traditionally incestuous , they are not legally recognized as such, although those within "degrees of prohibited relationship" or are "sapinda" are not permitted to marry. A convener of the Kadyan Khap, Naresh Kadyan, petitioned the courts to seek amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act to legally prohibit such marriages.

However, the petition was dismissed as withdrawn after being vacated, with the Delhi High Court warning that the Khap would face heavy penalty costs for wasting the time of the court.

Genetics behind Hindu Gotra System – Sanskriti - Hinduism and Indian Culture Website

In the court case of Madhavrao vs Raghavendrarao , which involved a Deshastha Brahmin couple, the definition of gotra as descending from eight sages and then branching out to several families was thrown out by the Bombay High Court. The court called the idea of Brahmin families descending from an unbroken line of common ancestors as indicated by the names of their respective gotras "impossible to accept. The court also said that the mass of material in the Hindu texts is so vast and so full of contradictions that it is a near-impossible task to reduce it to order and coherence.

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Text classification. Other topics. Structure and change in Indian society 1. Either exchange of houses by these two planets, one aspecting another, both aspecting each other, both conjunct in same house can cause Pitru Dosha.

Marriage in Same Gotra

Similar relation between Jupiter and Mercury can also cause pitru dosha, but at with lesser effects. There are be millions of souls in this world who are not resting in peace. All the souls are ancestors of someone who are alive today. But, reality is that Pitra devatas are not the one who are deceased, but the ones who are never born and will never die. Either they will not have kids, or their children will seperate from them, or no male kids in next generation will end their Gotra.

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