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Then in response to the men that betrayed me, I betrayed them in turn, not out of revenge as some of them thought, but purely in my effort to gain back self-esteem.

CAPRICORN, The COLDEST Sign In The Zodiac (Documentary) [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

I wanted to be equal to the men and have the power to attract, seduce, and hold the attention of more than one man at a time if I so desired. In my full awareness of my own fall from virtue, I acknowledged my Shadow and allowed its place alongside my inner Light. At the moment I no longer feared this Shadow as an external force beyond my control, the phenomena of betrayal evaporated from my life. So it was I could suddenly trust that men could be honest and forthright and so it was that I recognized who would be my noble husband.

Onthe collective level, the Devil must also be confronted and integrated. Fear-based beliefs have been rampant in the forms of Nazism, Fascism, and Racism to name a few on our planet. Few on our planet are or have been truly fearless, save Ghandi and Jesus. Now again, the Devil is emerging in collective consciousness cycles as something that must be overcome.

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We can overcome the corruption, avarice, greed and betrayal of institutions that have abused and chained us with their deceptions and control through fear. To accelerate your awareness of how to overcome the fears associated with your own Shadow or sexuality, seek healing or counseling assistance. Spiritual tarot counseling, astrology, and intuitive guidance can of course be helpful as offered by myself www. Also you may consider ancestral healing or family constellations work to release you from the Shadow conditioning unconsciously held among your relatives.

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As each of us integrates our own Shadow and does not allow it to overpower our Light, we bring the Shadow into balance on the planet so that it does not overtake humanity as a whole. Judith Anne O'Brien. Tag a capricorn capricornwoman capricornman capricornmemes zodiacsigns zodiacmemes astrology astrologymemes memes memesdaily zodiac.

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A fantastic year for romance! Others notice and appreciate it. You stop trying so hard to impress others, and just relax in their company.

Tarot Astrology: Capricorn and the Devil

New BAEs, engagements, marriage, commitment and shared visions for the future are all on the cards. Maybe you actually are yearning for a more heartfelt career path. Anything is possible in , Capricorn, so dare to dream and be led by your very best hopes, not fears. If you want to change course, this IS the year. Normally, pragmatism, ambition and achievement are the guiding lights of your plans.

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Well, not in ! You let your imagination off the leash this year and are surprised by how creative you really are. New insights, ideas and inspirations flow freely, giving you a never-ending list of new projects and opportunities to try. It all feels different, because YOU are different.

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  • Forward or backward, each step makes you stronger as a person. The feeling of finally accepting your pain is uniquely beautiful and freeing. This year has not only given you deep insight into who you are as a person but also just how far you are from where you want to be. New year, new you! Everything is in the process of starting over: the Earth is starting a new rotation around the sun, the winter solstice marks a turn in the length of the days, and an upcoming new year means you have a fresh start too. The new year always brings with it a sense of uncertainty.

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    Recognize the strengths that got you to where you are and face the weaknesses you can improve on to get you further. The planets have aligned in a way that encourages you to take action. Did you know that January is the most popular month for career changes? Instead, take advantage of the Sun in Capricorn and start planning a viable move.