New moon january 14 astrology

New Moon in Capricorn - January 16

Both Jupiter and Neptune stand for spirituality, but while Jupiter is about what we believe to be true because this is how it has always been Jupiter rules social customs and religion , Neptune is about spirituality without frontiers. On January 20th, , Sun enters Aquarius.

Happy birthday to all Aquarius out there and welcome to the Aquarius season! In the coming month, we will all become a little bit more Aquarian than usual. Therefore, this eclipse is very Leo-like! Which house in your natal chart is ruled by Leo?

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In that respective area of your chart, you can expect a culmination of everything that happened in your life during the Leo-Aquarius Eclipse cycle, that started in February Venus and Jupiter are the most beneficial planets in astrology, and when they meet, great things happen. We have a Venus-Jupiter conjunction every year, but this year the conjunction is especially beneficial because Jupiter is in domicile in Sagittarius.

And as you know, Venus is connected with the good things in life. Make sure you mark your calendar! On January 24th, , after a speed ride in Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius , one of its favorite signs. Mercury, also known as the messenger of Gods, comes in on feather-like wings to brings us messages we should really listen to. Aquarius is an Air sign, and Mercury loves air signs because Mercury and Air share the same qualities: communication, awareness, curiosity, and objectivity.

The coming 3 weeks are great for any activities that involve the intellect: learning, absorbing information, reading, social networking, getting in contact with other people, or doing group activities. We are in the middle of the current Mercury cycle. This is the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction and it has the qualities of a Full Moon. This means that Sun conjunct Mercury will bring to fruition what you started at the time of the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction, on November 27th, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. I love how clear, concise and organized your monthly readings are.

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It makes it so much easier to keep track during the month — Thank you! Happy New Year!! Your predictions for the beginning of the year have been surprising accurate so far!

Horoscopes for the January 12222 New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Year! Spot on. An absolute dream job. It was a panel interview and went really well.

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Looking forward to your February predictions. Wow, congratulations, what a wonderful Venus conjunct Jupiter story! January 24th, — Mercury Enters Aquarius On January 24th, , after a speed ride in Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius , one of its favorite signs. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Like this: Like Loading This full moon is a time for celebration. So often, you stay focused on the results that the journey itself is never fully recognized or acknowledged. You deserve it.

This full moon, focus on self-care and getting your life in order. All those small tasks can lead to decision fatigue and burnout. Consider spending time by the water, and as much as possible—in other words, relax.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

Clean it all up, Gemini. This full moon is a chance for you to get rid of your physical and emotional clutter. Either change it or fix it—or let it go. Those are really your only options. Everything else leads to suffering. Make a choice. Protect your heart. This full moon is an opportunity for you to practice self-acceptance. Growth is almost inevitable in the course of our lives, but it means nothing if we only use it as an agent of change, and not out of self-love. Your flaws are often hidden strengths.

So be brave, Cancer. Live your loudest truth. This is a powerful full moon for you, roaring Leo. Harness your energy and manifest deeply. You know what you want. Write it down. This full moon is the ripening of all you have been working towards. Reach forward, pick the apple and take a bite. We all experience failure. What sets us apart is how we deal with it. So take this as an opportunity to regroup.

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  • Be strategic. This is all part of the plan. This full moon is no exception. You are experiencing a deep rebirth, Libra. Keep going. The seeds are planted. Trust that you will bloom when you are ready.