November 25 astrology eclipse

Developing healthy boundaries and cool negotiation skills could be essential resolutions to remember on the new moon January 5th , while the 21st delivers great perspective on your role and income. Proceeding on your chosen path—or with professional objectives—could seem far easier after this point, Crabcake. February delivers yet more emphasis on partnership, however the mood lightens after the 19th, which steers your focus more towards travel and social activities. Early in March, Uranus re-enters Taurus, joining Mars in this community-oriented zone. In April the stars draw you inward, so you can focus more on your goals and ambitions; you might be inclined to escape your usual environment to assess your direction, and get some perspective on your career path or public image.

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Note the Easter Weekend is a good window to focus on family and nesting. This is a very significant time for you Cancer, and you can expect to be pulled in a few directions. Stay cool, calm and in control; communicate your aims and objectives clearly — energy may be running low yet others need to respect your instructions. Your usual workflow will feel challenged from mid- April to mid- August , so give yourself some breathing space over summer.

Around May 5th—7th and from the 16th your social set and network of peers comes into focus. Personal relationships are really in view, and you might feel full of the willpower to step out into group activities, or take a more involved role among friends and colleagues.

June is an ideal time to take time out in solitude note the 3rd is one to unplug, Cancer , and have a real break. Friends or a lover can be involved but expect a little tension in your one-to-ones.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

July 16th spotlights your most significant relationships, and you could sense some major developments or shifts. Turn your attention to finances, your job and breathing life into your work August 1st, Cancer. Read More. It is a time of romance, creativity, daydreaming, and imagination.

It is a sensitive sign that is kind, sympathetic, and absorbs too much energy from others. The cosmos are keeping us all busy with some serious transformational vibes! There are some great planetary aspects to the New Moon, but it is also occurring as Mercury is preparing to go retrograde. This week is full of cosmic shifts and planetary symbolism! Yesterday, Uranus Retrograde went back into the late degrees of Aires.

Known as the planet of unexpected change, it is going to flip the switch on your routines, schedules, and plans. For now, the nature of Venus is inhibited.

Venus enters Sagittarius

For the past four months, Saturn in Capricorn has been retrograde. During this time, the planet of structure, determination, duty, responsibility, and karma has been dealing us all some cosmic barriers. It can also bring tough circumstances that often feel depressing and difficult. In , it is possible to get professional recognition, and even to earn a great amount of money.

Astrology for the Soul November 25, 2014

If you have specific projects, find the necessary investors to put them in practice. In the second part of the year, you can expect big expenses. Our advice is to listen to your intuition. The beginning of the year brings some health issues caused, on one hand, by the stress you are exposed to and, on the other hand, by poor diet. This year, health should be the main concern for the Capricorn natives.

You are encountering problems because of a sickness that has been affecting you for a long time. In world astrology, Jupiter — Saturn is the main planetary cycle used for studying the historical periods.

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The conjunction between these two happens once at every 20 years and it has a strong founding character, describing the beginning of a new political, economic, and cultural era. This conjunction takes place in Aquarius.

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On December 14th , there is a total Sun Eclipse. The eclipse is going to be visible in the Pacific Ocean and in the southern part of North America. The Capricorn natives may resume their studies and orientate towards other domains of interest.